Why You Should Use Capillary for Your Mobile Training Needs

Mobile training has taken the world by storm. A study in 2016 showed that 47 percent of companies use mobile learning in their training programs, and that number will continue to rise as mobile technology improves.

Making the switch over to mobile training is easier than you think. With Capillary, we build your branded mobile app, and you fill it with your content. It’s that easy!

Capillary’s platform is specifically designed for mobile training and content management, so your content will look gorgeous and scale to any mobile device. Below are a few other reasons why you should be using Capillary for your mobile training needs:

Organize Your Content

We’re living in an age of information overload and alarm fatigue. It’s difficult to filter out the noise and find trusted sources. Making sure your content is organized and easy to find is an important step to effective training and information delivery.

Capillary makes it easy to organize your content in multiple ways. Within each app, you can create an infinite number of collections, which are like bookshelves and can be used to group content in whichever way is most effective. For example, imagine you’re building a hospital training app. You could organize collections by role (i.e., nurses, doctors, customer service), disorder (diabetes, head trauma, burn), campus (different locations require different information), and more.

In addition to collections, content can be sorted by media-type and categories to group similar content that might span separate collections. Users can easily find what they’re looking for by filtering for media-type or category or by searching for relevant keywords. It’s your content; Capillary just helps you organize it and deliver it to the right audience at the right time.

Take Advantage of Microlearning & Just-In-Time Training

Mobile learning is ushering in two revolutionary ways to learn: microlearning and just-in-time training.

Microlearning is a learning strategy that offers short, task- or goal-oriented content that is focused on a specific topic, skill, or learning goal and presented in engaging and easily applicable ways, such as a short training video, an infographic, or a checklist of steps for solving a problem. Science indicates that short, repetitive learning increases knowledge retention by reducing cognitive load and supporting natural memory formation.

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Just-in-time training is about delivering key information at the point of need, which helps connect the information to its intended purpose, improve skill development, and enforce behavioral adaptation.

Capillary is perfect for utilizing both of these new pedagogical advantages by providing your own mobile app that supports microlearning content and allows users to access it whenever and wherever they need—with or without an internet connection.

Send Push Notifications for News, Alerts, and Personalized Learning

Need to reach your audience in real-time? Whether it be an emergency alert, a notification of updated or new information, company news, or a reminder to engage with particular content, it’s important to be able to reach people when necessary.

Capillary provides push notifications for just this reason. With our messages feature, you can “push” short messages to anyone who has your app downloaded, and those messages can even be linked to content within your app for easy retrieval.

Create Courses and Track Progress

You’ve made great content, and your audience has access to it. But how do you know whether they’ve interacted with the content that benefits them the most?

Capillary offers the ability to create courses of content and assign them to anyone who has downloaded your app. Courses also allow you to track individuals’ progress and even send push notifications to remind users to sign in and engage with their course. Courses are perfect for creating and distributing specific training programs and even completing required compliance standards.

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