Mobile and Web Applications for Training the Modern Workforce

Get critical information at the point of need, develop skills on demand, and provide learning content from trusted sources.

Trusted by:
The Defense Health Agency uses Capillary for Deployed Medicine—the official outlet for combat medicine training resources—to standardize training across the Department of Defense and ultimately eliminate preventable deaths on the battlefield.
One of the largest private hospitals in the U.S. uses Capillary to train nurses across several hospital campuses. The program distributes EHR training, weekly newsletters, and policy updates through multiple Capillary apps.
One of the largest public hospitals in the U.S. uses Capillary to deliver dialectical behavior therapy to adolescent patients. Patients receive mindfulness skills training and submit daily behavioral diary cards via Capillary apps.
The Los Angeles Police Department uses Capillary to deliver LAPD University, a mobile application that delivers essential police training to ensure certification and compliance.

Masimo uses Capillary to train their military and government users on Masimo devices, best practices, CPGs, and clinical indications and uses, with the most up to date user manuals and other applicable documentation for each Masimo product in their government inventory.

Introducing Capillary

What is Capillary?

Capillary is a learning platform. Experts can build, distribute and track learning resources for distributed audiences, across devices and operating systems. That’s crucial, trusted information on phones and tablets where it’s needed most. Capillary customers get branded web and mobile apps, distributed through app stores and enterprise channels. End users get just-in-time and microlearning resources.

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Why do I need an app?

Capillary apps make accessing training more intuitive and enjoyable for your audience. They also give you analytics data you can use to track and optimize your content and delivery. An app is a ‘walled garden,’ meaning you control the quality of the learning materials. Using Capillary apps lets you make more informed investments in training and drives productivity and ROI.

What makes Capillary different from other learning management systems?

Most LMSs are modeled on the classroom experience. Users attend a virtual class, educators teach to a screen. It’s a static, teacher-controlled model and it takes its cue from the institutions we use to teach — not the way we actually learn. Capillary is modeled on the way knowledge and expertise flows through organizations, letting subject matter experts in your organization create standards-based content and users request it when they need it.

Microlearning and just-in-time training

Mobile learning makes it possible to build training around the ways people actually learn: microlearning concentrates on short, task- or goal-specific content that focuses on specific skills, topics or learning goals. Think short training videos, infographics, or troubleshooting checklists. This sort of short, repetitive learning reduces cognitive load and supports natural memory formation. 

Just-in-time training is like just-in-time logistics. Instead of a stockpile of pre-existing knowledge, trainees reach for what they need to know right when they need to know it. In fact, people are already doing this — they’re just relying on Youtube instead of trustworthy and authoritative content. 

Capillary lets your organization support staff to gain competence naturally and gives them reliable tools they can use at the point-of-need.


What We Can Do


Quickly build beautiful cross-platform training resources with a robust suite of content editing and curation tools.


Capillary enables rapid deployment of standards-based training programs, ensuring quality training across even the most distributed training operations.


Make informed training decisions with customizable insights into your users and the content they consume.


Why Capillary over other platforms?

Content Management Tools

Inbuilt, intuitive CMS lets even non-technical professionals easily create, edit, update and publish attractive, usable content.

Learning Management Tools

Automated learner records, certification, analytics, tracking, and live skills proficiency assessments built into a robust, intuitive LMS.

Flexible Analytics Tracking

Create custom user fields to identify and track the information that’s valuable to you, across audiences and users.

Branded Android, iOS, and Web apps

Your content. Your app. Control the look and feel of your Capillary app to deliver branded, trusted content to your audience.

On-Demand Content

Content is accessible anywhere at any time, even offline, improving performance and training outcomes.

Instructor-Led Courses

The Instructor Dashboard allows instructors to onboard, track and assess learners across their entire course.

Self-Directed Courses

Fully autonomous courses let users learn at their own pace while still getting their certification.

Test Banks

Create multi-question bank assessments to easily build comprehensive tests that are easy to create, near-impossible to cheat.

Push Notifications

Push news, updates and alerts directly to your audience, in-app or through SMS.

Asset Library

Manage your media assets, easily upload revisions, and share across the organization for optimal usage.

Content Teams

Multiple permissions levels let administrators ensure content remains authoritative and standards-based.

Instructor Teams

Equip instructors with approved course content to eliminate instructor drift and improve focus on performance assessments.

Customizable Analytics

Capillary analytics can be customized and filtered for optimal reporting to better inform your entire training operation.


Connect directly with your learners to answer questions and offer support through in-app course chat.


Answers to our most frequently asked questions

Short answer: that’s totally up to you and your team of users. Longer answer: Capillary offers a robust set of tools for managing content teams, instructor teams, and learners. You can distribute your app through public or enterprise distribution tools, and you can manage whether content in the app is available to all of your users or only users who have been provided access codes.

That’s easy: you do! Capillary gives you total control over your content and who can access it. We make no claims to your content and do not store content after you have deleted it from Capillary.

Your app is ready to be published in 2-4 weeks from the date at which you provide your app icon and splash screen graphics. However, you get access to the Creator and Instructor tools from the moment you become a customer, so you can start building your training right away!

Content published/unpublished in Capillary appears/disappears in your app within minutes.