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Allogy’s flagship product, Capillary, is being used by the U.S. federal government, leading healthcare providers, medical device companies, and more to distribute trusted training to dispersed audiences across the world. Explore below to see how Capillary is turning knowledge into action!

Deployed Medicine

The Defense Health Agency uses Capillary for Deployed Medicine—the official outlet for combat medicine training resources—to standardize training across the Department of Defense and ultimately eliminate preventable deaths on the battlefield.
DHA Deployed Medicine App Gallery


This application will introduce users to Thornhill Medical’s MOVES® SLC™ and MADM™ systems, including product descriptions and top-to-bottom training courses for setup and operation.


From Innovation, Hope: Exsurco Medical engineers high precision products for both the healthcare and tissue bank professional. Our products allow these professionals to work with ease, efficiency, and compassion.


The Los Angeles Police Department uses Capillary to deliver LAPD University, a mobile application that delivers essential police training to ensure certification and compliance.


eLearning ID uses Capillary to deliver instructional design training to help human resources and learning & development departments organize, plan, and create effective online learning for the ever-growing remote workforce. 

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