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The Defense Health Agency uses Capillary for Deployed Medicine—the official outlet for combat medicine training resources—to standardize training across the Department of Defense and ultimately eliminate preventable deaths on the battlefield.
One of the largest private hospitals in the U.S. uses Capillary to train nurses across several hospital campuses. The program distributes EHR training, weekly newsletters, and policy updates through multiple Capillary apps.
One of the largest public hospitals in the U.S. uses Capillary to deliver dialectical behavior therapy to adolescent patients. Patients receive mindfulness skills training and submit daily behavioral diary cards via Capillary apps.
The Los Angeles Police Department uses Capillary to deliver LAPD University, a mobile application that delivers essential police training to ensure certification and compliance.

Masimo uses Capillary to train their military and government users on Masimo devices, best practices, CPGs, and clinical indications and uses, with the most up to date user manuals and other applicable documentation for each Masimo product in their government inventory.

Use Cases

Turn knowledge into action

 Allogy delivers effective learning tools to staff at need, to improve their performance in the task in front of them.

Product Support

Teach staff and customers how to use your product. Improve customer success and end-user satisfaction.

Employee Success

Offer comprehensive, on-demand employee training and onboarding for onboarding, retention and development.


Track compliance training in real time, including policies, certification and adherence requirements.


Offer skills assessments and knowledge certificates with every self-directed and instructor-led course.

Learning Solutions

Getting expertise to the point of need

Allogy’s Capillary platform helps organizations develop scalable, personalized training programs. Check out some of the articles below to learn more!

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Learning management for your organization

Support staff with advanced skill top-ups where they’re needed, instructor-led courses with self-testing, and flexible mobile learning tools. Drive improved performance, morale, engagement and success.


Create and manage trusted outlets for vital information

Allogy has considerable government experience and is the platform behind Deployed Medicine, the Defense Health Agency’s combat medic training app that serves over 200,000 users.

GSA Schedule Contract# 47QTCA20D003D

Law Enforcement

Ease adoption of new training while reducing training costs

The Los Angeles Police Department is partnering with Allogy to develop LAPD University, a mobile application that delivers essential police training to ensure certification and compliance.


Support high-performing clinical teams across multiple locations

The largest hospitals in the US use Allogy for nurse training, magnet certification, patient coaching, and training for complex products from vendors like Stryker and Exsurco.

Human Resources

Rapidly develop onboarding, coaching, and performance support

Optimize your onboarding, professional development and compliance training to deliver immediate results and support strategic goals.

Product Support

Be there when you can’t be there: accelerate adoption & improve UX

Certify training leaders and provide key product information at the point of need to increase user adoption, reduce panic calls, and mitigate litigation.


Educate, update, and evaluate compliance to policies and procedures

Deliver trusted, standards-based content easily and effectively, and track, analyse and optimize the entire process for enhanced performance.

Learn more about Capillary with the Capillary Training App!

Capillary is a learning platform that gives you branded web and mobile apps that can be distributed through public app stores and enterprise channels. Try for yourself in the App store.

Why Allogy?

What separates us from other platforms

Diverse Expertise

Engineers, instructional designers and training experts created Capillary to help you achieve your goals.


Leverage your existing IT infrastructure to support Allogy app strategies for every size of organization.


Allogy delivers critical information at the point of need, whatever device or OS your staff and customers use.


Support learner-led training, self-efficacy and lifelong learning with proven, tested pedagogy.


Deliver standards-based, compliant content from trusted sources. Protect and prepare employees.

Blended Learning

Combine formal learning pathways and instructor-led courses with on-demand performance support.

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