The Study of Everything

Building technology that facilitates knowledge transfer and information sharing through web and mobile software solutions.

Apps, Theory & Application

Allogy is a dedicated team of designers, engineers, and researchers building information architectures for communication with distributed audiences.


Rethink Knowledge Management

Software systems for publishing, training, and performance support—providing accessibility and accountability to trusted expertise.

Since 2009

We work alongside subject matter experts to create custom software solutions. We also offer Capillary, a SaaS publishing suite for branded mobile and web applications—the quickest way to establish digital properties for your organization.


Just In Time

Mobile technology is changing the way we make decisions. We build native Android & iOS apps that deliver critical information at the point of need for clinicians & patients, technicians, and customers.

Program Design

Our expertise in pedagogy, social learning, and data science helps you engage learners to improve completion rates, knowledge retention, and skills acquisition.

Learner Centric

Developing models for learner competency and lifelong learning with evidence-based pedagogy.

Self-Directed & Formal Learning

Combining standards-based formal learning pathways with self-directed training for a successful blended learning environment.

Ready to Publish?

Our publishing platform, Capillary, offers an intuitive toolset for engaging your audience. Contact us to find out how Capillary can support training, events, and other pubishing needs with branded mobile apps.


Architectures for Excellence

We work with clients to design custom systems for supporting experts in the field—ensuring that critical resources reach their intended audience and that those interactions flow up to business intelligence.

Integrated Solutions

Making the most of IT investments with an integrated approach to software development that seamlessly incorporates identity, digital assets, and other existing systems into custom solutions for your organization.

Building a Modern Workforce

Ensure competency and preparedness in an increasingly remote business environment with cross-platform resources for training and performance support.

Ready to publish?

Organizing a large-scale event? Hosting a conference or building a festival? Our publishing platform, Capillary offers an intuitive toolset for engaging your audience. Provide information, offer opportunities for sponsorship, and connect with your audience before, during, and after.



Deliver Beautiful Mobile Apps for Training, Events, and Publishing

Capillary is a SaaS publishing suite for branded mobile and web applications, providing expert information management designed for training and publishing. Your audience. Your content. Your app.

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