Compliant, high-quality knowledge and training

Create and deliver accurate, high-quality, effective training across the organization. Recognize and address specific needs based on role, department, and jurisdiction. Ensure training materials–and the advice, information, and instructions they impart–are compliant with policy, law, and regulation. Structure training using templates and systems designed by pedagogical experts.
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The Defense Health Agency uses Capillary for Deployed Medicine—the official outlet for combat medicine training resources—to standardize training across the Department of Defense and ultimately eliminate preventable deaths on the battlefield.
One of the largest private hospitals in the U.S. uses Capillary to train nurses across several hospital campuses. The program distributes EHR training, weekly newsletters, and policy updates through multiple Capillary apps.
One of the largest public hospitals in the U.S. uses Capillary to deliver dialectical behavior therapy to adolescent patients. Patients receive mindfulness skills training and submit daily behavioral diary cards via Capillary apps.
The Los Angeles Police Department uses Capillary to deliver LAPD University, a mobile application that delivers essential police training to ensure certification and compliance.

Masimo uses Capillary to train their military and government users on Masimo devices, best practices, CPGs, and clinical indications and uses, with the most up to date user manuals and other applicable documentation for each Masimo product in their government inventory.

Safe, successful training for your staff and customers

Ensure compliance with permissioned roles (document control) and structured learning (certifications). Build libraries of on-demand and just-in-time training to augment instructional time, and know from the moment it launches that you’re on the right side of legislation, regulations, and company policies. Your staff will be too.

At the same time, Capillary lets you create and maintain training materials of unprecedented quality, efficacy, and accuracy. Deliver the quality you’d expect from hands-on training at scale and at the point of need. Effective, performance-based training means you don’t have to choose between compliance and productivity. Watch engagement and retention skyrocket.

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Why choose Allogy training?

Compliant Processes

Ensure your staff training investments match the requirements of the laws and regulations you’re operating under. Use permissioned course access to target roles and jurisdictions.

Training Quality

Ensure the highest quality of training materials. Capillary is backed by course structures and module templates designed by pedagogical experts based on the most up-to-date research.

Service Quality

Capillary lets you deliver industry-leading service quality to your customers. Pass on the benefits of a skilled, effective, and well-trained team—and reap the rewards.


Minimize time away from productive work and radically increase per-training-hour efficacy with high-engagement, asynchronous hybrid training.

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Quality and compliance across the organization

Mandated Training

Turn required training into a value driver

Some roles, jurisdictions, and sectors come with state-mandated training requirements. Most organizations tick the box and move on. But the process is still costly in time and effort. Capillary lets you slash costs while turning mandated training into applied training employees can use to improve job performance.

Changing Regulatory Landscapes

Stay compliant effortlessly

Update, retrain, and certify staff knowledge of company policies and procedures. Use just-in-time training to push updates and quick refreshers to staff so you’re never taken by surprise by deadlines, new legislation, or changes in regulatory purview or requirements.

Certify Quality

Structured, instructor-led courses

Build courses for asynchronous learning through device-agnostic apps. Grow employee skills and deliver compliant, high-quality services based on training that maximizes pedagogical value and quality. Certify graduates and offer on-demand refresher training to augment skills or navigate tricky cases.

Current Compliance

When we want to self-educate, we turn to the internet. But in search or on streaming sites, content is often low-quality, obsolete, or not relevant. Sourcing accurate information is time-consuming and requires that you already know what you’re trying to self-educate on.

On the other hand, synchronous, in-house training is often poorly attended and quickly forgotten, leaving staff at the mercy of non-compliant habits and seeking help from sources that may be biased, misinformed, outdated, or of low quality.

Businesses need a way to deliver compliant, high-quality training that’s effective at grounding staff in the big picture while focusing on building compliant habits.

Capillary: An Integrated Learning Platform

Capillary combines a robust CMS with a powerful LMS for mobile and web delivery. Populate it with accurate, compliant content using course structures and instructional design workflows created by pedagogical experts. Propagate it across platforms. Deliver it to staff where and when they need it.

Propagate it across platforms. Deliver it to staff where and when they need it.

How does it work?

Capillary is a cross-platform, mobile-first training solution that delivers your training and content to your users’ fingertips. It incorporates certified course capabilities with on-demand and just-in-time training for staff learning, development, and job performance. Skills development is integrated with work rather than being artificially separated from it because Capillary is built to mirror how humans learn, not how students get taught. 

Capillary gives you permissioned roles so the content on the system is created and quality-controlled at the source by authorized personnel. Multiple permission levels and course structuring allow you to incorporate document control processes for staff while still granting them the access they need.

Courses led by instructors are most valuable when the instructor is facilitating the application of knowledge in practical scenarios rather than reading information from PowerPoint. Capillary uses a hybrid approach to help instructors flip the classroom by delivering standard training content to review and test their knowledge ahead of the live class, then supports mobile instructor assessments for practical evaluations ahead of the certificate.

Certify course and module completion to enforce structured learning, reward engagement, and build professional qualifications.

Asynchronous training frees you from the need to get everyone in the same place at the same time. People can log on and learn when they have the opportunity, without disrupting their work or the organization’s.

On-demand training puts users in charge. When they’re halfway through something complex, they can look up their next move, find it quickly, and complete their task—without having to scour their old notes, search through long videos or documents, or ask anyone else for help. This means better habit formation and cleaner change management in the future because checking the reference is the process.

Build training into tasks or workflows. Push training modules for supplementation, micro-mastery, refresher training, or preparation for new tasks and roles. Deliver training at the point it becomes relevant so staff have it when they need it.

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