No matter your organization’s training needs, Allogy can help build a successful, sustainable training program.

Companies are facing a whole new set of challenges in this new, remote business environment. And trying to deliver and track a successful and effective training program to a highly distributed workforce makes things even harder.

Allogy’s mobile learning solutions not only help you reach your audience with ease but also help augment your existing training to optimize your entire training operation. Whether you just need a mobile delivery platform or you need to overhaul your entire training program, Allogy can help find the right solution for your training needs.

Capillary App


Capillary App
Package + LMS


Capillary Cost Calculator

Capillary pricing is based on user roles, with volume discounts for larger learner populations. Plug in your details below to see how our costs scale for the size of your learning operation.

How is this Calculated?

SaaS License + Learner Volume Pricing + Instructors + Authors = Total Annual Cost

SaaS License
Learner Volume Pricing
See Table Below
$300 per instructor
$300 per Author

Learner Volume Pricing

Max Users Cost per additional user Max annual cost
Enterprise Package

Get More Out of Your Capillary Apps

Like Capillary but want custom features and integration?
We can do that!
Content Advising Package

Need Help with Your Training Plan?

Let Our Content Experts Guide You!

Not every organization has a training department or the resources to completely overhaul their training program. Most at least need help optimizing their current content for mobile delivery. Some just need someone else to do it for them.

Our content experts will work with your team to take advantage of your existing training materials to optimize your training program.