Step 2: Introduction to Performance Interventions (Training and More)

Determine the Training Need

Often, people seek training as a solution without careful consideration of the problem. Training may or may not be the best solution—only a thorough analysis of your training needs will uncover the best interventions to pursue. Usually, you will end up with training plus something else.

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Solving for the Forgetting Curve

The Ebbinghaus’ forgetting curve shows that information is lost over time if there is no attempt to retain it.  What does that mean to your course design strategy?  Well, some studies show that

If we add training interventions that provoke the remembering of what was covered in training retention recovers to, or close to the initial level of learning.  If you for instance email course highlights post training, then maybe a tool that reminds them of what they learned.  Perhaps run a collaborative discussion around the topic, and later send out a newsletter, you will greatly increase the probability your audience will be able to retain what they learned in their training session and apply it, all contributing to a higher rate of work performance which is good for everyone.

Tool: Performance Interventions (Training and More)

Training + Intervention Tool

As an instructional designer and performance improvement professional I have compiled a number of additional interventions for you to consider.  So the next time you are creating a training module consider other interventions in addition to or instead of training.  Again, in addition to training you might add a job aid, and an expert database.  Or maybe you’ll discover that a training module wouldn’t work as well as a conflict resolution coaching and a motivation/encouragement campaign.  There are many interventions to consider!  I have created a tool you can download.  Keep this tool handy the next time you are trying to think of creative ways to fill a gap with training or other performance intervention, it might just be the spark you need to think of a great solution.

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