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Employee Onboarding

Onboard employees quicker and easier by providing training resources and vital information anywhere and any time for a more personalized learning experience.

Professional Development

Capillary’s formal learning pathways are perfect for certification requirements and compliance management, offering easy and direct access to professional development.

Lower Costs

Organizing in-person training for distributed audiences is difficult and expensive! Lower your overall training costs by adopting a mobile training strategy.

Motivation & Engagement

Mobile learning is proven to increase motivation and engagement over traditional classroom training and eLearning, leading to better training outcomes all around.

Key Capillary Features


Quickly build training content for formal programs and self-directed learning


Enable distributed training teams to deliver standards-based courses


Manage teams and track your entire training population with customizable analytics

The name “Allogy” is a portmanteau of “All” and “logy” and means the study of all things. Born out of the Institute of Simulation and Training at the University of Central Florida, Allogy is dedicated to utilizing technology for the pursuit of knowledge and lifelong learning.

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