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Key Features


Quickly build training content for formal programs and self-directed learning


Enable distributed training teams to deliver standards-based courses


Manage teams and monitor training efforts with customizable analytics

Why Capillary?

  • Beautiful Training Apps

    Capillary's Creator CMS lets you manage branded Android, iOS, and Web apps.

  • Courses & Assessments

    The Instructor LMS supports formal training and self-directed learning programs.

  • Powerful Analytics

    Inform your training operation with flexible reports on your audience and the content they experience.

  • Push Notifications

    Send push notifications to alert your audience of news, updated content, and more.

  • Publishing Wizard

    Capillary streamlines authoring attractive cross-platform training resources.

  • Manage Teams

    Tiered permissions for creating content and instructing courses so that you can scale your training operation.

Integration? Yep.

Capillary lets you leverage your existing tools.


How does publishing work on Capillary?

Build your team

Build your team

Create your content

Create your content

Publish to your branded app

Publish to your branded app

Monitor Progress

Monitor Progress


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