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Because the way we learn is changing

Allogy helps military organizations create custom training apps to ensure force readiness with standards-based content you can count on.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning offers proven pedagogical advantages over eLearning and traditional classroom models, increasing motivation, knowledge retention, and skills acquisition.

Anytime, Anywhere

In-service training is expensive and difficult to organize. Take knowledge into the field with constant access to just-in-time training resources and important information—even offline.


No more searching Google and YouTube for unvetted information. Avoid content drift by ensuring training content comes from trusted sources.

Over 100,000+ Active Service Members Use Capillary for Tactical Combat Casualty Care

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Featured in Combat & Casualty Care Magazine

“Meets the objective of delivering dynamic learning content using current, highly accessible technology, and helps to promote a self-directed and continuous study of medical best practices.”​

Matthew Hackett, PhD, Science and Technology Manager,
U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command – Soldier Center

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