DBT Diary Cards and Tools at Your Fingertips

No more paper forms; easily fill out your daily diary cards using your own mobile device, any time and anywhere, with on-demand access to helpful DBT resources and key information at the point of need. 

How to Fill Out Your Diary Cards

Download the App

Using your mobile device, click the appropriate link above (Apple or Google), or simply search “Adolescent DBT Diary Card” in your app store’s search bar. The app should look like one of the images displayed.

Sign Up / Sign In

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll have to sign up and then sign in. To do so:
1. Click on the profile tab, then click “Log In.”
2. Click “Sign Up.”
3. Enter you email address, choose a password, and confirm your password.
4. Click “Next.”
5. Open the validation email at the address provided and click the link to validate.
6. Return to the app and log in using the email and password selected.

Fill Out Your Diary Cards

Now that you’re signed in, you can begin filling out your daily diary cards. To fill out a diary card:
1. Click the Collections tab on the app.
2. Click into the DBT Adolescent Diary Card Collection.
3. Click the “Open” or “Get” button.
4. Fill out the form by answering the prompted questions.
5. Make sure to click the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other) to switch between Behaviors, Emotions, Skills, and Weekly tabs.
6. Make sure to fill out each section of the entire diary card.
7. Submit your diary card using the Submit button located in the Weekly tab.

View Patient Diary Cards

Now that you’ve filled out your diary cards and submitted them, provide your unique patient code to your doctor when asked. To find your unique patient code:
1. Navigate to your profile by clicking the profile tab on the app.
2. Click “Patient Code.”
3. Give your doctor the 8-character code that is displayed.

Why DBT for Adolescents?

A Toolkit in Your Pocket

The resources you need, any time. Searchable and convenient. No flipping through a book or looking for a piece of paper.

Historical Data

Explore your progress with your therapist to see how far you’ve come and what you’ve already achieved.

Key Information

Access a library of resources instantly to support your DBT progress.

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