Know What’s Happening with a Patient in Real-Time

As patients complete their daily DBT Diary Cards, you’ll have access to all of their responses in one, easy-to-use clinician dashboard. Don’t wait a week to find out they’re in crisis; simply input their unique patient code to view their daily responses as well as the week at a glance to improve guidance and feedback.

How to Use the Clinician Dashboard

Get Access

To access the DBT Clinician Dashboard, you’ll first need to be invited. Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page to request an invitation!

Sign Up / Sign In

Once you get your invitation, you’ll need to sign up and then sign in. To do so:
1. Open the email invitation and accept the invitation.
2. In the resulting window, click “Sign Up.”
3. Enter you email address, choose a password, and confirm your password.
4. Click “Next.”
5. Open the validation email at the address provided and click the link to validate.
6. Return to the app and log in using the email and password selected.

Enter Patient Code

Once in the Clinician Dashboard, you can view your patients’ data by entering their unique patient code into the text box near the top left.

View Patient Diary Cards

After entering the patient’s unique code, you’ll be able to view their DBT Diary Card responses.
The Diary Cards are filtered by a weekly view, displaying each day’s responses in a grid format. You can navigate weekly data by using the Previous Week and Next Week buttons as well as view BSL summaries and any alerts that might be triggered by certain responses.

Why DBT for Adolescents?

Better Preparation

Know what’s happening with a patient between sessions. Don’t wait a week to find out they’re in crisis. Stop relying on self-reporting to know how they’re implementing DBT.

Reassured Patients

Early in therapy, patients can be insecure, and some are close to crisis. Patients are reassured that the tools they need are always with them, and if they really need it, so are you.

Improved Insight

See detailed records of what patients are really doing. Spot patterns they don’t see, and improve the guidance and feedback you can offer in sessions.

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